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Counter Strike Carbon Game Info
Counter Strike is one of the highest played game in multiplayer mode and is back with a new version known as Counter Strike : Carbon. The concept of this game is very simple, i.e. you play as either terrorist or as the good guys the counter terrorists, you shoot them or they will. Basically, Counter Strike is a first person shooter game which is largely played all over the world. The game is so famous that people organize championships on this game. People have become experts in other words professional gamers specially in this Counter Strike one. Creator of this game 'Electronic Arts' has launched this new version in the form of Carbon in 2010.
Counter Strike Carbon Features
  • Talking about the graphics in this version are awesome compared to the previous versions. This version, Carbon, is mostly same as all other previous versions of counter strike. The Carbon version has new maps including the popular maps such as dust maps, Italy & office etc. Most important thing in this version is that the playing environment have been improved so much that it looks real. And as usual, the weapons are same for both the teams i.e. terrorists and counter terrorists and the detail of the weapons is awesome.
  • Furthermore, the new subtle addition in the bomb defusing maps is done, which you will notice while playing the game. The moveable objects, items, objects lying around seems so real life-like setup in this version.  
  • Last but not the least, you can easily download and can add more and more new mods and new maps in the game for free. 

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